The advantages of being a Singapore national

If you are planning on applying for residency or have already obtained your Singapore citizenship, then you are in a for a real treat. Being a national of the Garden city means that there are a few benefits which will be ideal on the new life you will live in the new country. Singapore is one off the best cities to live in which is environmentally friendly, safe and is very western even though it is located in Asia. It has been stated that the quality of life in this country is very high. If you haven’t decided or you don’t know the advantage of being a Singapore national, here they are:



Many organizations prefer to recruit those individuals who are living with a resident permit or are official nationals of the country. There is less documentation, formalities and costs involved.



The citizens can rent or buy a house or apartment from the Housing and Development Board of Singapore that is twenty-one years and above. There are two, three, four or five bed room apartments with a living room and kitchen. Executive spaces are also available. Condos and studio apartments can also be bought through the House and Development Board.


Loans can be obtained to find the housing payments. If you are a first time buyer of a living space you will provided with a grand from the CPF Housing Grand but the candidate should be able to provide the necessary documents to be eligible. If you are a foreigner there are certain restrictions about the type of housing your can purchase or rent out.


Sounds good? Well get cracking on apply Singapore PR online. There are more advantages such as:


The Central Provident Fund is security plan for saving targeting the citizens and those who hold permanent residence status. The employer and employee must make contributions every month which is then allocated to the ordinary account, special account and medisave account. Non-citizens and non-PR holders are not eligible for the CPF facility.


Edusave plan and school fees

This plan is a scheme from the government that provides the most number of opportunities to all children in Singapore. It rewards students who excel in both non-academic and academic aspects. Students who are studying in government, independent, college, institutes or special schools are eligible for this plan. Singapore students pay a fairly less amount for education when compared to permanent residence or foreign students.

Medical free

The consultation fee is much higher for permanent residence and non-citizens are fairly higher than what national are asked to pay.


There are other benefits such leave from work, parent incentives, tax matters and other aspects such as health. Therefore, starting making arrangements to have your PR and afterwards your citizenship applications handed over to the ICA in order to begin the processing.


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