Characteristics to Look For in Potential Child Care Providers

A child care provider must absolutely love spending time and taking care of kids. However in the daily routines of taking care of toddlers or children there are many more characteristics parents look for. These characteristics will most likely help you separate the best from the average in selecting a hired professional to do the job.

Responsible: this goes without saying, and is top of the list on any parent looking to hire a part time babysitter singapore or a full time nanny. Parents look for individuals they can depend on. Children are demanding and need round the clock supervision, therefore someone who is mindful of that is essential. Trust seems to be the next most important trait looked for. After all you are planning to leave your beloved children with a stranger and you need to be able to completely trust him or her.

Active and engaging: kinds love to play and be active most of the time. Therefore there is very little leisure time for the care provider. Therefore they need to be individuals with a lot of energy, able to keep going for long hours while keeping the kids actively engaged.

Imaginative: it is not only you who should like the care giver, children that are to be looked after need to enjoy the company of the person hired. Therefore they need to have a great imagination to create activities and games for the children to play and have fun with. When kids enjoy spending time with such a person the whole process becomes much easier.

On the job experience: contrary to popular belief, caring for a child is no easy task, especially when it is not your own. Therefore it comes with a lot of demands that the caregiver must be able to handle with skill and confidence. These daily life experiences cannot be really taught in class or learnt by reading a book, they absolutely come with experience. Therefore it is important that parents hire an individual with at least several years experience on the job. Real life situations will help the caregiver respond to emergencies with a cool head without panicking and even assist first time parents.

Sensitive and patient: a good babysitter is able to understand and put the kids’ needs first. Sometimes playing games or reading a book might be the last thing on their minds, but in order to keep the child happy they will oblige. Being patient with them is also important; therefore a hot tempered person is least likely to do a good job.

This list includes some of the main traits to look for, however they will change depending on your child’s and your needs, therefore it is important to assess them early on in the interview process.

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