Wardrobe Don’ts for Yoga Class

Every one want to step into their yoga class feeling and looking good. Wearing crop tops and sleeveless just motivates you to work hard on the toning and sculpting. However, be aware if you’re already over the top. Don’t impede anyone’s yoga concentration with your private episodes all over the place. You know what I mean. What not to wear in a yoga class for beginners

Booty shorts or loose shorts

Yoga stretches is about doing handstands, head to foot poses and sleep poses. You’re going to bend and stick your leg out. The last thing you want to do is disturb your yoga mates. Don’t wear shorts that always find their way to your butt cracks.Wear full-length, fitted leggings so you don’t bother pulling every once in a while.

See-through and thin pants

Thin pants sound better than heavy cargo pants or jeggings but they can be uncomfortable, too. You could be wearing electric blue thick cottoned undies and are seen through the fabric. Consider the yoga classes you’re joining if it’sbasic or advanced. Worst is poking a hole in the crotch area of your leggings. Slip on printed yoga pants for women Australia are squat-proof and sweat absorbent from a distinguished brand.

Loose shirts and tank tops

Loose shirts are unconstricting but it’s a disaster for that downward dog. Synthetic fabrics like a spandex or nylon blend are suitable for some weight-bearing yoga poses. Tank tops are good for sweaty underarms but other clothing material fall off exposing your goodies. Go for long, fitted tanks because they hang on and keep you unexposed no matter the level of yoga postures. If you’re not familiar with the fabric, inquire and test in the fitting room.

Light-colored tops

You know what they say about picking light-colored clothing that doesn’t absorb the sun’s heat. However, you already sweat a lot by some advanced yoga exercises. Sweat shows in the pit area and it makes you conscious to raise your hands. Something about rocking a wet look in yoga practices seems misplaced. Light-colored ones also tend to be see-through and size-maximizing.

Lightweight sports bra

Reserve your plunging and dainty camisoles for another occasion. Especially if you are gifted with bosom, invest in bras that give you maximum support. You don’t want your boobs falling out and flashing everyone. Choose high impact support racerbacks that still allows movement. You can still be comfortable and stylish at the same time so go for cuts that flatter and secure your curves in place.

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