What to Expect During a Dental Check-Up?

Maybe you are feeling nervous just at the idea of having your first dental visit. It isn’t really the appointment that everyone looks forward to. Let us be real, we all have the fear of dental check-ups and the idea of having our tooth extracted or whatever the procedure is. We all feel anxious every time we enter the dental clinic, well, who wouldn’t especially when we do not know what is waiting on the dental chair for us? If you are ever wondering, like most of us do, what might happen during a dental visit, here is glimpse of the possibilities.

1. The Receptionist Will Get Your Details

This is probably the first and basic procedure that every dental clinic does. The receptionist will ask you to fill up a form about your basic information and you might be asked too to answer a simple questionnaire about your overall dental health especially your dental history. Your contact information might also be asked so that they can reach you in case there are results that they can’t give you right at the moment. It matters that you feel welcomed by the receptionist so that you will be at ease while waiting for your turn. You can also ask for payments and treatments to the receptionist if you want to.

2. The Dentist Will Evaluate Your Oral Health

If it is your first dental visit or you are new to the clinic, chances are, your dentist will check and evaluate your overall oral health. Worry not, the procedure is short and painless and it includes an inspection of your mouth, gums and teeth.

3. Your Teeth and Fillings Will Be Counted

Counting your teeth and the fillings that you might have is a procedure that your dentist will do especially if it is your first dental appointment as this will be needed in your dental chart for your dental records. This will help the dentist monitor your oral condition from time to time especially when you visit the clinic again. Make sure that you go to a good clinic with great service, so look around for the best dentist Chatswood for your first appointment.

4. An Oral X-Ray Might Be Done

Oral X-Ray is very important to check out any problem that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Your dentist might consider doing such procedure to find out any gum disease, oral infection, and any other problem in your over oral health.

5. A Follow-Up Appointment Will Be Scheduled

Of course, like any other form of check-up, a follow up appointment is necessary. A regular visit to the dentist is very important to prevent any problem and ensure that you have a healthy gum, mouth and teeth. This will also help you and your dentist know what to do with your teeth.

Visiting your dentist won’t really take so much time and there is nothing to worry about at that. If you ever consider skipping a visit because you are scared or because of financial reasons, bear in mind that you might be missing a lot of things and the cost might be way higher the next time you visit.

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