Things to do in the Tioman Island

Malaysia is well known for its rich culture, relish cuisine, beautiful sights and most importantly the islands . Out of all the islands Tioman island is well famed for its gorgeous sights, picturesque locations, adventure packed activities and so much more. This special island has been under the radar of many tourists and travelers due to many reasons. One such reason is its feature in the 1958 movie “South Pacific”. Clearly, this island was used as the backdrop simply due to its gorgeous views and sights. If you are planning to travel to this island there are things that you must do. Here are some such activities that you shouldn’t miss,

Paya beach


Paya beach is a must visit place if you ever step into this beautiful island. This is the perfect spot to relax and detox all those negativities that you’ve been holding. This serene and calm environment will definitely soothe your senses and bring your mind, body and soul the peacefulness it needs. While you are enjoying the beautiful sunset don’t forget to get an excellent massage. Many travelers love this about the pay beach. So, if you are looking for a spot to relax, then paya beach of the Tioman island is just perfect.



While you enjoy your stay at a tiomanresort you mustn’t forget the adventure that awaits you. There are so many great diving spots in the Tioman island. So, you will have access to many great locations. Even if you are new to this you can enjoy some diving. Just sign up for some diving lessons and you are good to go.



Another great thing about this island is that it is a favored spot by mother nature. The blessing of the nature is still obvious in this island. The lush green forests, the glorious waterfalls are a must-see. Nature exploration is highly recommended in this island. You will be given the opportunity to enjoy so much and experience a whole new level of mother nature.



If you are someone who is all about the beautiful locations then you must go for sightseeing in the Tioman island. You will be able to experience the unique culture, some remarkable locations and much more. Capture some great snaps to boast about. Tioman island will have plenty of Instagram worthy photo locations.

Mentioned above are just a few simple activities that you must enjoy when in the Tioman island. This island is a favorite spot of many travelers and tourists. So, what are you waiting for! Start planning your vacation to this paradise.

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