Tips on How to Make a Perfect First Birthday Party Ever

Every parent wants to make the first birthday of their baby extra special. From event planning up to the food to be served, we always make an effort for it to be the best.

You don’t need to throw an expensive party just to make it memorable and special. With proper planning, you can be assured that both your baby and the guests will enjoy even a simple birthday party. Here are some planning tips on how to achieve the best first birthday party.

  • Pick a theme – Birthday parties look best if you have a set theme for the area. Since your baby isn’t old enough to choose one, you have the liberty in picking a convenient theme. Color motifs are common for first birthdays since they are more versatile. You can have pink for your princess or blue for a little prince. Choosing themed decorations set makes it easier to mix and match all around the place.
  • Plan the guest list –If you’re planning for an intimate party, inviting relatives and close friends over is perfect. Make sure there will be babies or kids of all ages coming in your event.
  • Timing – Set the party on your baby’s awake time to make sure he witnesses and enjoys all the activities in the event. Also, if your baby’s birthday falls on weekdays, you can move it to the nearest weekend so your visitors are free. If your little one just had his 12th month shot, give him some days or a week to recover so he won’t be fussy during the party.
  • Food – Serve food that is both kid and adult-friendly. You can also serve adult and kid food separately and give them options. Also, provide some healthy food choices for younger kids. Children love sweets so having a dessert buffet is perfect. You can have cakes and cupcakes that match the theme plus additional sweet treats from local cake shops and refreshing fruit juices.
  • Entertainment – Make sure the younger guests are entertained by throwing some fun party games. You can offer goodie bags to winners to make them more engaged.
  • Picture taking – It is always best to take pictures before everything starts. When your venue is all set, take a keepsake photo of your little one while he is still not overwhelmed. When the party has begun, you can assign picture taking to someone else since you’ll be occupied in hosting, entertaining guests and tending to your baby’s needs.

So those were the simple tips to remember to avoid disaster on your baby’s special day. Those tips don’t just apply on first birthdays but is also good to remember when planning every birthday party of your kid.

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