Things to Consider When Choosing Your Event Venue

Organizing an event comes with a lot of decision to make. This includes choosing a venue, and perhaps this is one of the most crucial decisions that you have to make. Why? Because the venue will affect the date, attendees and catering options of the event. Seems intimidating, right? Well, you don’t have to feel that way. Relax and take a deep breath, everything is alright. Here are some of the things that you have to consider when choosing an event venue.

1. Location

This is the first thing that you have to think about when choosing an event venue. For example, if the event is a local one, and let’s say most attendees are from Melbourne, then, of course, you have to look for Melbourne function venues for hire. If the event will be attended by people from different parts of the country, booking a function venue near the airport sounds good as this is more convenient for them. In choosing a venue location, it is also important that you consider the traffic in there, in as much as the availability of parking areas.

2. Parking

Most probably, most attendees will bring their own car which makes parking space a problem. They might come early, but looking for a space to park will make them late. A venue with a wide parking space is a daydream and on the contrary, a venue without a parking space is a nightmare. If it happens that the latter happens, then you should start looking for parking spaces near the venue you have chosen and add up the parking space fee to the coat that they will be paying.

3. Capacity

Of course, you have to consider the maximum capacity of the event venue as well. If you put this aside, the day of the venue itself will be chaotic. For example, the total number of attendees at 400 and the event venue can be accommodate 200 persons, where will you place the other 200, right? Furthermore, this will also help the venue owner to follow safety rules. The capacity of the venue is very important as this will help you determine if the activities you are planning are feasible or not.

4. Services and Amenities

Knowing what devices and amenities the venue offer will help you know whether you have to look for the services and amenities you need. In here, you have to ask if they provide catering services alongside with the cost, if their chairs, tables and linens that you can use during the event, if they will do the setup or not and if they will provide the audiovisual equipment as well. You have to know these so that you would no longer look for such services and amenities from different people if they can provide it all for you. This will lessen the work and hassle that you have to go through.

Choosing an event venue isn’t really that hard of you k is what you have to do and if you are not shy to ask what you need for the event. Letting others know what you need will make things work out for both parties. Yes, there are a lot of things to consider and think about, but a great planning altogether with a great knowledge will make things way easier for you.

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