Tidying Up: Storing Your Belongings

Once in a while, you may find yourself picking up scattered belongings in your house. It can be dozens of toy cars on the floor, a bag of clothes in the living room, or even a pile of kitchen pans and baking tray son the countertop. No matter what it is, your house needs some tidying up by properly packing them and storing them to their appropriate storages. Are you confused on how to do it? Here is a rough guide on how to make it happen.

Clean, Pack, and Count

Before anything else, it is necessary to clean your belongings. Make sure you keep them spotless from any dust, moulds, bugs, and other unwanted substances. Note that storing uncleaned belongings will not only damage your belongings itself but also your storage unit. Use a damp cloth or feather duster, whichever may be necessary, to clean your items. Upon cleaning, you can now pack your things. Gather the packing materials that you need such as packaging tape and bubble wraps. Soft cushioning materials such as bubble wraps and magazine or newspaper pages for fragile items are vital as these will keep your items safely tucked in their storage. Wrapping your fragile items in a packing paper will also prevent it from any cracks or damages. After which, take an inventory of everything that you need to store. Your inventory list does not have to be detailed, as an overview will suffice. This is a crucial step, as this will determine the type and size of a storage unit that you need. It will also help you keep your belongings properly organized.

Storage Units

Nowadays, storage units come in different sizes, materials, and designs. Hence, there are many options to choose from but you might wonder which among them is the right one? Well, that will be based on the inventory that you made. Based on the items that you have gathered, you should be able to determine the size of the storage unit that you need and the area where you will place it. Your storage unit can be in a form of a portable box or fixed on the wall. After which, determine the material of the storage unit that you prefer. The common options often include either a metal or plastic storage, however, wood lockers provide better storage and aesthetic. Conversely, if you prefer a cheaper option, you might want to try looking for used storage units but you have to make sure they are in a good working condition before you purchase them.

Sort and Store

Since your belongings and storage unit are already available, you need to sort your items before placing them in your storage units. Similar to cleaning your items, it is also vital to sort your items as this will help you to easily locate your items in the future. Ideally, you should sort them categorically based on the function and/or size. Afterwards, place them in your labelled storage unit. Labelling your storage units will help you easily remember where you put your items. For example, put all the toys in one labelled storage unit. The next time your children want them, you can hand it to them with no trouble.

Tidying up the house can be a tedious task but once you have successfully cleaned, packed, sorted, and stored these items, your house will look so neat and clean.

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