Things To Know About Pendant Lights

Having an appropriate distribution of light everywhere is absolutely vital. Make the perfect dramatic light statement anywhere in your house or workspace. It is yours, so illuminate it and make it shine.

What Is A Pendant Light?

A lone light fixture that is usually suspended from the ceiling and supported by a cord, chain or rod. A huge variety of sizes, colors, and shapes are available and they vary in materials. Many modern lights have energy saving properties. Sometimes also considered as a mini chandelier.

Why Use A Pendant Light?

It is used to highlight anything and everything. It can be used anywhere whether it is your home or your office. Pendant lighting is usually used to light up narrow corridors, highlight photos, paintings, and sculptures, enhance your working space, and it even adds a sparkle to fountains. Popularly known for kitchen and dining lighting as well. Overall pretty famous for lighting and styling in general.

Types Of Pendant Lights

From Traditional to contemporary and rustic to Industrial and Farmhouse to eclectic. You name it and it is ready to shine. Choose the right type according to your space and theme.

Choose The Right Shape

Determining the right pendant lighting requires consideration of space. Once you have that dilemma solved. Go ahead and get lighting crazy. Below are some pendant types you would appreciate:

·         Drum Pendant

A drum-shaped light usually covered with a light material over a circular frame to allow smooth flow of light. This gorgeous pendant light comes in an assortment of sizes and colors. Remember: if you use a dark material around the frame, a flow of light will be obstructed.

·         Globe Pendant

Whether you call it a sphere, round or a circle, it is characterized by its circular shape. To make the right statement you can suspend them in two ways. You can hang all of these beauties together to make an adventurous statement or you can vary and alter the drop length to make it look mesmerizing.

·         Bowl Pendant

A bowl-shaped light that allows free flow of light. A simple but functional and omnipresent but unique type of light.

·         Exposed Bulb

A new trend. The bulb is suspended in the air using a chain or a cord or a rod. There is no cover around the bulb. A very basic but out of the box idea.

·         Multiple Pendants

Highly known to be used above the Kitchen Island or dining table because it is balanced and snazzy. An artistic arrangement of pendant lights that essentially provides an even distribution of light. It can either be covered, abstract or an exposed one.

·         Abstract

An artistic light installation. The bulb is usually surrounded by abstract patterns that are unique but it is mainly used for decorative areas and not task related ones.

·         Mini Pendant

A smaller version of the standard pendant lights. Individually used for task lighting because they are small and tightly focus on providing light.

Remember, choose the pendant lights according to the overall style and space. Too big or too small is not in trend and neither is it appreciated.

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