How to Make Coloured Stockings Look Fashionable?

Maybe you just love colours and always tend to buy colourful clothing, but even then, you might be sticking to good old black when it comes to your tights. Why? Because you just don’t know how good or bad the coloured hosiery is going to look. But guess what? You can actually pull off really bold colours on tights and strut your stuff. Here are some ways in which you can match up bold coloured tights to your outfit and hit an eight or higher on a one to ten fashion scale.

Olive Green and Black

If you like a look that is chic and classy but also funky enough to let people know that you mean business but also don’t mind letting loose when there is a need for it, you can match up a little black dress with olive green thigh highs. You can also use a chunky necklace to complement this look and add to that final effect with a matching purse and heels. The necklace can have colours like peacock blue bits of red and white while your purse and heels should stay black.

The Bohemian Spell

Want a polished and bohemian look? Pick a bohemian dress that has a copper, brown or russet tone in it and pair it up with thigh-high cinnamon brown tights. Even if you wear plus size stockings this outfit will look really flattering on your legs. Your dress could also have a paisley pattern on it if you like prints. Wear light brown ankle boots or any ankle style pair of heels. You can add to this outfit with a beautiful brown or copper-red hat and some dangly earrings the colour of amber. You can also incorporate black into the outfit if you like or a brown belt and bag.

Blue and Silver Magic

Blue tights have a really cool tone to them and this will only look good with silver and grey coloured clothing that really complements them. Wear the oceana blue tights with a grey dress or skirt and accompany with grey boots that match the tone of the dress or skirt and blouse outfit that you are wearing. You can add to the final look with a dark blue or oceana blue scarf tied around your neck and a bag that mixes in turquoise, teal, grey and maybe a bit of cream colour.

The Colour Queen

Wear a pair of mustard yellow or gold coloured tights along with a chequered red and black dress or anything that is navy blue. You can wear ankle high navy blue shoes or black shoes along with blue or black accessories to match this bold yet classy colour combination that is suitable for even a professional occasion.

Sleek Red and White

You can pair red stockings with an elegant white dress that has a hemline which is about an inch above your knees at the most. You can even wear a white coat over the dress to give that almost royal look while maintaining your sense of fashion.

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