Caring for the skin for a glowing outlook

Skin is known as the largest organ of the body. It is also the organ which is viewed by outside people. Medically, it is accepted that the look and feel of the skin can show signs of inner conditions of the body-bad or ill health of other organs. For example, yellowing of the skin – jaundice- is known as a sign of hepatitis. Caring for the skin is important not only to prevent it being a forerunner to other illnesses but also to keep the skin itself healthy and glowing.

Difference of the skin

It may not hit you, but the skin as an organ of the human body, is different from other organs. Every organ depends on one another for an effective running of the machine that is the body. Nevertheless, other than taking medicines or special food and drinks, there is no way to “apply” anything to these other organs. But you can easily apply a moisturizer, medicines such as balms and other health stuff to the skin. It is one way you can keep the skin moisturized and healthy. No one likes dry skin; it flakes and wrinkles sooner than it is supposed to. So next time when you are at a skin-care shop, do not forget to view the range of products available to decide the best for your skin to keep it in good shape.

Some other tips

There are some mandatory thongs you have to do to keep your skin alive and well. As said before, human body is like a machine; what you feed will result in what you see. If you eat too much of fatty and sweet food, there is no way to stop you getting overweight. Similarly if you do not eat sufficient greens, your skin will be discoloured, looking dead. Water is a must. You have to drink at least 8 glasses of eight ounce glasses of water everyday. This can slightly vary if you are occupied in a job working outside all the time, exposed to extreme temperatures etc. Letting go of the bad habits such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol is also important.

Uncommon tips                                                                                    

You probably have heard of the above frequently. However there are some tips that are not commonly shared. For example, it is said that long showers of hot water is not the best for your skin. This may come as a surprise as most of us tend to take a shower in the morning and it is a “hot shower” when the climate is cold. But, these hot showers are now known to reduce the moisture of the skin and wash away protective oils that are on our skin. Therefore, shorter and cooler the water, better.

You can test your skin at home by scratching a small part of it with your fingernail. If the underneath is shown as white, it is time for some exfoliation and a good moisturizer. When you are treating your skin, remember it is not only the face that you must pay attention to.

Take simple steps such as using a humidifier in your house in the dry times. This will help keep your skin more moist, shiny and healthy.

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